2/1 21 Day Sugar Detox

Umm... self prescribed torture is what I call this.
Since I've had some blood sugar issues I thought I would try this detox as it's supposed to "level" out my blood sugar. 
Protein and veggies here I come, but no potatoes or fruit or bread or many other things.  
What am I doing to myself?
Supposedly becoming healthy and in the process strengthing my mental endurance. 
Which is going to be something, because well, I love myself some sugar. 

This might be easy if I had everything laid out before me, but this takes some prep and I don't have time for prep. (but I do have time for excuses!)
Will this make a difference? Will my blood sugar stabilize? Do I care?  Give me some sugar!
How long have you gone without sugar? I'm talking food here people, not kisses.

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