2/14 Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was great!!!
Because I decided to do the 14 Day Sugar Free Detox (as opposed to the official 21) and ate some delicious ice cream with my children.
14 days of no sugar - can you believe it?
No carbs, fruit or dessert and I survived! 
The reason I ended it early was it wasn't doing what it said it would - I didn't lose an ounce of weight, I was always hungry and my insides didn't feel differently at all - just desperate to eat. I followed it to a "T" for 14 days, so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself, because before this I don't think I went 14 hours without sugar.  

I also had a morning walk with a friend that I hadn't walked with before and it's amazing how many wonderful, awesome people there are out in the world and because of different rhythms of life it takes four years to have a conversation.
Pretty cute Valentine!
So basically it was a great non-traditional Valentine's Day - 
I have to admit my sweetheart sweeps me off my feet on a pretty regular basis! :)
What's something you couldn't do without for 14 days?

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