2/26 Flight #307

I don't know about you, but once I'm headed to the airport I'm ready to be home.
After dropping off part of the group, saying goodbye's and heading to my terminal I was ready to arrive home at 9:00 p.m. pst.
But that was not to be 
- mechanical failure - 
had us all waiting in the plane on the tarmac. After two hours of sitting, we all disembarked and then I stood in line for "customer service" for FOUR hours.  
Needless to say by the time I made it to an agent, there were no flights leaving for Seattle. 
(Okay, sure the agent was kind when I arrived, but FOUR hours?!?)
- So in return for the six hours of my life I will never get back -
I was given dinner and breakfast vouchers and shuttled to the local Hilton.  
That's a nice gesture and all, but it would be nice to actually stay there and rest and not just lay my head on the pillow for what felt like a few minutes before I have to get on the new flight that has been scheduled for me.....
A sketchy side note....turned on the television in my room and a sultry voice  informed me that there were movies for every taste and that the titles of the movies never show up on your bill....
I'll keep that in mind....? Like I said sketchy.
Ever experienced "customer service" that was anything but?

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