3/30 Kidz Kaboodle

Kidz Kaboodle is a great place to get cash or credit for kids "stuff" in good shape.
I've always opted for the cash and I did again today, but this time I actually bought something - girls Nike soccer shoes for $5.00. It looks like they were worn for one season - which means they are pretty much brand new - Score!

Random FYI:
The locale around Kidz Kaboodle isn't necessarily kid friendly, but if you're looking to relieve the stress of raising children you might just be in the right place:
*All Green Garden - specializing in hydroponics
*Farmacopia - medical marijuana
*Tobacco Road - roll your own smokes
*The Green Room - glass blown pipes and "other" smoking accessories
*And don't forget the ever changing bar at the end of the strip
Do you think the stress/chaos of raising kids could constitute a medical marijuana card?

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