4/14 Butterfly Lounge

Supporting the Grand Opening and our friend Elliott
- on South Tacoma Way - 
Went across the street and played
That there is one majestic cedar
I always thought it odd that there was a grass patch
off of So Tac Way and it was called a park
- don't be fooled -
- there really is a park and a wading pool and a community center and places to frolic -
Bordered by the Tacoma Cemetery
- imagine the stories these stones could tell -
Then we headed to the Butterfly Lounge 
(yes, I would consider this a little eerie - there were hundreds of them)
To celebrate 30 years of Anya!
Colorful streets of Capitol Hill

It was a full, lovely day - 
And just wanted to mention - we took full advantage of the 50% off at Rico's Tacos!

Building homes, butterflies, carne asada - what do you consider a great day?

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