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Making together better
Because the more you can enjoy together, the better life becomes

My family is becoming better as we enjoy the regular routine of life and the “funness” of something new and different together everyday!  For my family, each day is a new experience together – literally - as we make sure we do “something new everyday”.

My family are good sports, asking at breakfast “What are we doing new today, Mom?”
Sometimes the answer is a shrug of the shoulders, because honestly I have no idea what the day will bring and so it might be a stop at a park we see tucked away while we drive from here to there, where then our regular routine is interrupted (in a good way) for frolicking and frivolity. 
Sometimes when my family asks I only smile with a twinkle in my eye because I have planned a new awesome outing where, honestly, none of us know what to expect!
Other days are busy with the rituals of life. There are days full of have to’s and need to’s and “something news” that we loved the first time and are now a part of our daily lives.
On these days, I have a stockpile of goodies from ethnic markets and specialty grocery stores. As the day rushes by, we stop and take a moment for everyone to sample whatever it may be. It is in sharing this goodie (that sometimes turns out to be gross!) where everyone has a chance to voice their opinion.  They may say, “Loved it, liked it or never buy it again!” Sometimes it’s spitting it out all at the same time or it may be in the savoring, where we smile at one another with the goodness on our taste buds. Either way it is the shared experience that makes the time spent together so good.
These foods are shared with friends too, (unless we ate it all!).  Friends remark, “Oh, I saw that, but didn’t know if it was good” and then they share in our simple life experiences gladly, guilt free and without buyers remorse!

Other days I scour blogs and the newspaper to see what is happening in the community. To find out, "Oh! I tried xyz and loved it” or “I will never do that or go there again.” I want to know what is happening in my neighborhood, our city and the city next to ours because the world is a big place.
Sometimes it is only my family sharing these adventures, other times we are joined by friends or we join in life with a culture, sub-culture or group of people that we’ve never met before and may never see again. We do this because being together as a family with the community at large is important.

Granted not all the new adventures are grand, but it is in being together that life naturally becomes better. So why do we even bother when life is - oh, so busy?
- to see the world anew - for adventure - to be delighted - because it's okay to be uncomfortable - there is so much to behold, taste, see, smell, hear, touch - to discover - for fun - to be surprised - to observe - to appreciate - to understand - to love - to learn - to question - to realize - to seek the truth - to live life to the fullest – toMake together better” – “because the more we can enjoy together, the better life becomes”

My Something New for today is writing a blog post for a prize!
I wrote this post as an entry to win a full scholarship to the Type-A Parent Scholarship from Brica whose motto is Making Together Better. You can find Brica on Facebook and on Twitter.

How do you make being together better?

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