5/15 iPhone

My sweet husband bought me an iPhone 4S for Mother's Day and it was set up, serviced and connected today. 
Happy Mother's Day to me! 
My old phone was a disaster and in need of being demolished.
Yes, it was that old and beat up.
Super stoked!
But I'm bummed.
I didn't win the contest I entered, but I was the first "favorite" mentioned.
Does that make me the best loser?
For some reason I'm totally bummed out and I'm thinking it's because I really do want to use my "gift" of writing and selfishly, honestly I want to get some credit or a prize for it....
- So I think it is for all of us and our gifts -
While I'm thankful for my new gift, I wonder how to upgrade my other one.
What "gifts" do you want a gift for? 

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