5/17 Knutsen's Northwest Sports Cards

Okay, I've walked past this place millions of times. 
It's in the same shopping complex as Trader Joe's, Starbucks, Big Lots and The Freeze.
- like I said, I've walked by it a million times -
But because today was super lazy busy and I was running errands with my son, I thought - Why not? I need to do something new and here it is - right in front of me.
Talk about walking into another world.
Coins, baseball, hockey, basketball, football, and pokeman cards and parnephalia run from $9.99 to hundreds of dollars.
Wow, people pay good money for this stuff.
- A lot of money -
My son was most excited about the Seattle Sounders card of good ol' hometown hero Kasey Keller. His card is going for as high as $300!
The entire back section of the store is full of Magic:The Gathering cards. 
Jaron wondered what they were for and well, I had no idea, so we asked. 
The gentleman working was kind and knowledgable.
Did you know the Black Lotus card sells for $1000.00?
~ Yes, you read that right ~
We got to hold another "powerful" card worth $695.00 - if only I could remember what it was for. 
 ~ Wow, is all I have to say ~
The world - it is a big, crazy place where people spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for a deceased person's picture on a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2 " piece of cardboard
so they can play a pretend magic game of prestige.
What's your favorite card game?

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