5/19 Star Center

Today was the grand opening of the STAR (South Tacoma Activity and Recreation) Center on S. 66th. There were spin, karate and zumba classes, a farmer's market, arts and crafts, games, tours, interesting people to watch, brand newness and excitement. It was a fun place to be!
Need to learn to move my finger with the iphone camera
Watched the Tacoma Titans play
my eyes misted, as I marveled at these athletes and wondered what their stories are

Building team work skills
(yes, my husband is wearing a pink shirt)
Apparently we need to keep working on them 
Taking speed stacking to a whole new level
Walking the halls of Gray Middle School
To cap it all off - a Banjo Band
There are a pleathora of activities and adventures offered, I award the STAR Center five stars!
Do you feel like a superstar?
Is Tacoma worth 5 stars?

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