5/25 Star Track

I ran track in high school but never made it to State - like some of my friends! 
I was to busy being social.
Star Track - the WIAA High School State Track Meet at Mt. Tahoma
My sixth grade science teacher, my high school track coach (who was pregnant with Cory when I was running for her) and Cory McLean.
It's fun to see kids zoom and zip around the track, to see them push their bodies to the limit, to succeed, to triumph.
It's hard to see kids try with all their might and to PR and it's still not good enough.
Good job Cory - you ran your heart out!!

Entered a drawing - Jaron won sunglasses and a headband - Karis won a free pair of Brooks running shoes - totally worth the price of admission! 
When has .05 seconds made a difference in your life?

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