5/4 Colgate Park

For some reason Colgate Park in U.P. has two distinct sections - one my children call Rocket Park (because of the wiremesh rocket) - the other half is up above the Curtis play fields. (shout out to Chris for letting me know it exists)
Must admit a little sketchy - we wandered the trails ~ while fun to run on, they seem ideal for getting high and losing important stuff  ~ just saying ~
Getting high naturally 
View from the 'other' half of Colgate Park - Curtis Play Fields 
Personalized Birthday Menus at Chambers Bay for Khamphilay!
(their super cool - they wear shades inside!)
Been to Chambers many times ~ it's always beautiful 
Do you play the field?

Artisan Market

I had a two hour sit in the San Diego Airport. Artisan Market had all the goodies. I bought a vegan bar, it was more of a block and it was ...