6/10 Museum of Flight & American Idiot

Touring Seattle with relatives continues!!!
Started the day off here - you need the whole day or two
Pasco - back in the day
Air Force One - LBJ was sworn in on this one
Space Center isn't done yet 
The Red Barn - where Boeing began 
The cafe food was tasty and reasonably priced 
Each one has a very cool story - well except ones that are created for warfare,
but that's a blog for a different time
Too cool 
Ferris wheel on the pier to be opened on July 4th 
Lounged outside while the kiddos were in the aquarium 
Happy Hour is where it's at 
Contains explicit/truthful material
So happy to be up to Chris's armpit 
We aren't the idiots - just fans
Are you having the time of your life?

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