6/30 Tour of Tacoma

We started off the day with a fun run at Chambers Bay.
Then we headed to see what Tacoma had for us...apparently a lot.
Enjoying the works of art on Dock Street
Thea Foss Waterway Bridge
Tacoma Urban Art Fest  
Life imitating art (kinda)
Tacoma being the size that it is, I expected more art, festivities and people to watch.
I didn't buy one of these, but I kind of wish I did.
Being art connoisseurs really works up an appetite
- Medi's Pizza on 6th - kids eat free on Monday -
- The Fugazi - delicious -
Then we headed to the Proctor District
Where we browsed Playback Sports - so many quality treasures!
but really we were there to watch this 
And ran into these people 
Frozen yogurt makes for good "watching people pedal" food
- 45c an ounce - basic -
with cute clothes for sale in the back (?)
What did you do in Tacoma/your city today?

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