6/4 Hot Yoga

After the all celebrations and goodies from this weekend, I'm glad I bought a group-on for      Hot Yoga on 6th Ave. 

- Needed to stretch some of that sugar out of me -
It was my first time doing Yoga of any kind - that is if you don't count the Wii.
Loved it the minute I walked in - if only for the heat!
Being as I am always freezing - I found it close to heaven!
(currently I'm wearing sweatpants, a hoody, a blanket wrapped around me and a space heater blasting) 
The yogi was welcoming, kind and encouraging.
There were around 20 people in the 6:00 a.m. class and everyone was at a different level (only 3 people could do the tree pose), so I didn't feel intimated, just capable and empowered.
I may not like yoga tomorrow depending on how sore I am, but I'm going back for sure to at least be in the heat!
Feeling flexible?

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