6/5 Titlow Beach

The day started ever so fun as I helped chaperone a third grade field trip to Titlow Beach. (That's a silly name all around, especially because rocks and murky water don't really conjure up images of "Beach")
We weren't the only class there
Fascinating. Cool. Gross. Wild. Weird. Amazing.
All at the same time.
The blue sky showed itself!
Fascinating. Cool. Gross. Wild. Weird. Amazing. Did I say that already?   
Brave girls - they picked up everything!
Did I mention that today is the lowest tide of the year?

And then I received a dumb phone call about a project I've been working on (dumb meaning disheartening) so it became a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
But then my Cute Boy saved me from my despair with a
Royal Carmel CheeseQuake Milkshake
Would you rather drown in the ocean or in a bowl of ice cream?

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