7/29 Movable Feast

Tacoma's First Moveable Feast
- lots of food trucks in one place -
Of course we had a doughnut!
(Is that a subliminal theological message on the side of the truck?)
We shared a lot of food 
Including Pork Belly Hum Bao from The Box 
Decorating cakes to support Mary Bridge Children's Hospital
 And then we did this -
With these guys 
 And then we met -
Savannah and her twin sister
Ellie - She has had two open heart surgeries already
It seems kind of silly to write about food trucks, when you swim with a little living miracle and then meet another one later on in the day. 
In retrospect I'm really glad we bought the cake that supported Mary Bridge Children's Hospital because they are in the business of making fragile life possible.    
In a sense, I guess we got to keep our cake and eat it too!
Seen any living miracles?

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