8/1 La Push

Took a tour of Hwy 101 on the Olympic Peninsula
Jasmine Bistro in Port Angeles - delicious Thai
Lake Crescent 
Yes, we drove 3 scenic hours to get here (and 3 back)
It's okay to admit you know whose truck this is 
Honestly not much in Forks - so we got coffee here -
though on average 300 people per day visit
La Push First Beach
What do you get with a Canadian, a Mexican, an Italian, werewolves, vampires and a baby?
Good, silly times!
The pictures don't do it justice - you should go  
Stopped here for treats - it's between here and there
The Lorax in me is not happy with this.
Forks has a lot to be desired and it really is in the middle of nowhere. 
No wonder Bella fell for Edward.
La Push is beautiful.
No wonder the Quileute Nation doesn't want any vampires on it. 
It was fun to visit a part of my state that I hadn't been to yet
 - it is beautiful -
and I would recommend going  - to give people hope, to see beauty, to make memories, to use your imagination, to appreciate nature, to say you've been!
Did you read the books or watch the movies?
Have you ever traveled to a real, but fictitious place?

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