10/2 Half the Sky

I read the book "Half the Sky" over a year ago and had the opportunity to listen to the authors at a benefit. Tonight I'm watching the PBS special and it makes me wish I was a nurse. 
Or a professional MMA fighter...so I could take some people out....just saying.

On a much less important note...Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies from Trader Joe's are really good, especially after eating Candy Corn Oreos. Yet, I have a sour taste in my mouth after watching the brutal cruelty that people inflict on people, especially women and young girls.

It's so much easier to just sit and eat cookies and forget about oppression, sex trafficking, fistula, rape, brothels, torture, HIV/AIDS, maternal mortality, female infanticide, mutilation, and genocide.  
If you're reading this, you have the power to help.

To save Half the Sky what are you going to do?

Artisan Market

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