10/3 Chicken Carnage

Today I helped butcher poultry.
If you have a weak stomach or are a vegetarian
- log off now -
There were 98. Then there were none.
Put chicken in poultry restraining cone, slit their throats and let the blood drain out.(I didn't do this part - maybe next year) 
Put them in a steaming 104 degree bath (so the feathers come out easier)
Then put them into the defeather machine.
(yes, there is such a thing - it's the white bucket with black spots)
Next step - cut their heads and feet off 
Scoop out the guts until you see the ribcage
- And keep going -
That's my dear friend Danielle and her father in law
 -looks  just like  the ones in the grocery store -
I look forward to eating the final product soon!
Processed poultry/pollo?
Butchered birds?
Created chicken carnage?

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