3/25 The Croods

It was a half day at school and upon disembarking from the bus my daughter had a note from a friend asking if she could go to the movies.
It was a rare, beautiful, sunny, almost warm March day - so off we went to the theater.

The Croods is an animated feature about a caveman family of five and a guy named Guy trying to survive new things, the end of the world and each other.
I laughed.
I smirked.
I was enthralled.
I cried/sniffled. 
(Which is kind of awkward when sitting next to your daughter's friends mom that you just met and want to make a somewhat decent impression so that your daughter can keep having friends.)
Granted, I haven't been to a kids movie in a long time thanks to movie-going grandparents, but I thought the eyes of the "humans" and the fur of the "animals" was AMAZING (and you know I don't capitalize often).
It was tender, touching, fun and totally worth sitting inside in the dark on a sunny PNW afternoon.

Do you run after tomorrow or wallow in yesterday?
If you've seen it - which imaginary creature would you want as a pet?

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