5/29 Mary Bridge Pediatric Urgent Care

Today at school Jaron punctured the skin near his eye with a pencil. The school nurse called and said it was no big deal. After school it didn't seem to be bothering him at all, he was as energetic as ever. Jerm thought it didn't look so good as there was a definite mark on his face, so he thought he'd doctor it a little with hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip - a basic home remedy. As everyone was getting ready for swim lessons Jaron said his eye was leaking - and yes it was.
Off we went to Urgent Care Child Express - the wait was short, the facilities nice, the staff friendly.
Turns out Jaron had an allergic reaction to hydrogen peroxide which caused allergic conjunctivitis. 
Turns out the medical community hasn't used hydrogen peroxide for years - they use a saline solution and turns out we didn't need to worry about lead poisoning near Jaron's eye as pencils are made with graphite now and not lead. 
Ah, the important things you learn as you go as a parent!

As a parent what have you learned the hard way?

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