5/31 Kamiakin Track

I haven't been on my high school track since my senior year of track season and really even then I wasn't on the track much. I was usually in the infield chatting it up.
A forever friend teaches at my alma mater. Since she was on a tight schedule we made plans to "work out" and catch up at the same time.
The track has recently been resurfaced so there was a little bounce to our steps, but our conversation was heavy.
When that happens I seem to be led to write a poem. (here's a rough, off the cuff draft)

Running fast in circles
for the glory of fame and so that someone will remember my name.
Time has past - we don't go as fast.
Is it because we know too much of the world?
our muscles are atrophied?
our hearts are too heavy to carry?
our minds are not set on the prize, but only to survive?
Going in circles can be fun
but when we're done -
Are we at the beginning or the end?

How did we get here?

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