6/13 Field Day

The sun shone bright for field day and the kids smiles were even brighter.
Bailing on the slide 
Getting squirted with fish
My kids were the new kids awhile back, which makes me the new parent, which makes for awkward hellos and feeling a little left out as all the moms and dads who have known each for "forever" chit-chat, laugh and tell stories of the beginning of the year all while making sure kids don't kill each other with water balloons.  
Okay, I know not everyone has known each other forever because there were step-parents, grandparents and non-parents, but sometimes it just feels that way...

Ever felt you were out in left field?

Artisan Market

I had a two hour sit in the San Diego Airport. Artisan Market had all the goodies. I bought a vegan bar, it was more of a block and it was ...