6/2 Sumo + Sushi

An actual event put on by LivingSocial
Byamba is from Mongolia
He is really, really strong.
Yummy sushi and seaweed salad done right
We saw a lot of man hinney.
It was a very cool event. We thought it might be to commercialized, but we totally got into it!
Watching very large, half naked men push each other around a small circle was very entertaining. In between matches they had a Q & A. We were super impressed by the vast knowledge of the skinny, little emcee. 
A few things to know about sumo...
The belt-thingy is called a mawashi. Wardrobe malfunctions are very rare.
They raise their arms before they "fight" to show they have no weapons under their arms or in their hands.
No punching, but slapping is highly encouraged.
I asked a question about the involvement of the yakuza in sumo...they couldn't, wouldn't answer the question...guess I got my answer.

Who's the fattest guy you've seen in a thong? 

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