6/23 Taken

"They" say to read a lot so you know the market.
I think I've read too many YA books because they're all mishmashing into each other.
Taken seems to be taken from some of the pages of The Hunger Games (which I love). 
The main character is handy with a bow and arrow and lives in a dirty walled in town. Then it's  mixed with so many other YA dystopian books where the main characters find themselves scrubbed clean in a high tech city trying to uncover some truth.
Apparently it's the first of more to come. 
Why can't YA books end at the end? Why do they have to begin again with another book?
I know, I know - it's marketing and hoopla and building a name and capitalism - which is interesting because many of the characters in these books are fighting just those things...

What's your take on the market?

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