9/6 Zoetrope Virtual Studio

I like to fancy myself a writer.
I am even bold enough to say I write screenplays because I do, I've written three and a half and have ideas for so many more.
...yet the completed ones are just chilling on my computer...
I will be the first to admit I am still "perfecting my craft", but what the heck am I supposed to do with them when they're done? 
How do I know if they're good?
And if they're not good, what am I supposed to work on? The characters? The dialogue? The arc of the story? Am I even on the right track? Do I have potential?

There are all sorts of "professionals" ready to read my work for a couple hundred dollars. My husband and I both work for non-profits, we don't have a lot of benjamin's running around, but I did have half a benjamin, so I submitted one of my screenplays to the Zoetrope Virtual Studio Screenplay contest. 
I'm a big fan of Francis Ford and Sophia. 
Go big or keep your screenplays sitting on your computer.....

What's your story?
Are you sitting on your dreams or taking action?

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