9/7 Blogiversary

730 days of doing Something New EVERYDAY!
That's a lot of newness!

*Today's new thing was coaching a soccer game at Peck Fields - it's a nice patch of green*

Okay, now that I've celebrated my random self-imposed accomplishment, what's next?

Writing is what's next.
Yes, I'll still be trying new things almost everyday because that's just who I am. I see something new and I just have to try it and I'm antsy until I do... but I may or may not blog about it, because I want my time to be filled with "real" writing. 
For me this means I'm going to write more screenplays (I have to keep practicing just in case Francis calls), study the craft, edit my young adults books, scribble down poems, check out more books, edit some more, write random thoughts and see where they go, be intentional with my writing time (as opposed to linking "just okay" restaurant websites to the blog), continue reading the greats, brainstorm character names and quirks, put pencil to paper and fingertips to computer keys, write and do it again.

When will this be updated? Great question.
What will be on it? Great question.
Will I be doing Something New every day? You betcha...though it might just be writing a new batch of words...

Ready or not here I go 
- or is it - 
here I come.

Are you ready for this?
Do you need to make some changes to ready yourself for something new?

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