10/24 Eleanor & Park

I love reading, but sometimes it's hard to be a writer when you're a reader, especially after you read good books because then you compare your style to others.
That's not a good game to play - ever.
This was a good book.

And now I'm thinking to myself, no wonder an agent doesn't want me - there's this out there. 
 (Okay, so an agent doesn't want me yet - I'm still optimistic.) 
The way the author describes hand holding for the first time and the characters reactions to it  made me giggle. 
Yes, giggle.
Because I remember those exact feelings and I'm sure I had similar thoughts.
Eleanor and Park are sweet to and for each other and I hope I'm raising my children like Park's parents raised him (minus the glass grapes). 
Though I wonder...
Teenagers, do you appreciate all the 80's references or how well the author describes the nuances of first like or do you just skim over the sweet stuff?

Who knew hand holding could make you feel so alive or lead to love?

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