10/27 Judger

A friend and I were laughing at the idiocy absurdity of a certain someone who spends $100.00 a month on fake eyelashes.
Our conversation somehow segued into a discussion of a book I had labeled as a carefree, fun read and I had recommended it to many others as such. 
She wasn't a fan. 
As we were discussing our opinions she mentioned she had read the author acknowledgements before reading the book. 
She isn't a fan of one of the people the author acknowledged. When she told me who had been acknowledged I made a face because I'm not a fan of this person either. 
I wondered aloud if I had read the acknowledgements first if it would have skewed my opinion of the book.  It probably would have. 
We debated if it was fair to judge a book by who the author acknowledges....
What if this person is the authors uncle?
Or what if the author was sitting in a coffee shop, writing this book, munching on a pastry, choked and the aforementioned person saved her life with the Heimlich maneuver?
Or what if this person let her borrow a portable hard drive to save the book right before her computer caught on fire?

Wouldn't you mention someone who was super important to you?
Or someone who saved your life or your life's work?
I know I'd want too. 

And I kinda did the other day when I was updating "Somethings I Love" on this blog. 
I love all sorts of stuff, including "the way Jesus loves." 
Yep, that there is a statement most people will judge me on immediately. 
Either negatively or positively.  
Perhaps a few won't care....
But I care.
I don't want to be judged.
I want people to like me and I don't want them to write off my writing before they read it. 
So, what's a judger to do? 
Because I'm sure when I get published I'll want to thank Jesus for loving me...(I'll be specific here - this is Jesus the carpenter, not Jesus the Mexican who makes food so delicious my innards melt.)
I'm still figuring the details out, but I'm thinking maybe it's semantics and I should rewrite it as "I love who Jesus loves." He said he loves prostitutes, tax collectors, lepers, the poor, the sick, his neighbors, and others. I know those last two encompass everyone, so shoot...if I love who Jesus loves then that means I love the guy the author mentioned and the lady with fake eye lashes and if I'm trying to love someone I probably shouldn't judge them...

As an author I know I will be judged -
Isn't that what reviews and goodreads are all about?
But do I want to be judged before someone has even met me? Or opened the first page?
Or because I'm friends with so and so? Or because I love the color brown?
Or because I'm in dire need of eye lash extensions?
Who am I too judge? Or be judged?
I'm thinking I may edit "Somethings I Love"...please don't judge me for it...

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