A Taste of Peru

It was my birthday!
Some of my friends are daredevils, most are not - but because they love me they joined me at the new restaurant in town, the one no one had been to yet and probably wouldn't have ate at, except with me. 
We ate dishes with olives, eggs and french fries.
Though a little worrisome at first (we found a few hairs, but they remade it hair-free and comped us), it turned out delicioso!
I have awesome friends.
Not all of them are pictured.
Beef empanadas and cola so sweet it's like drinking a melted bubblegum slushie
Art for the eyes and the stomach 
Almond Joy Cake made by Cuteboy
I ate the last piece for breakfast the next day.
Ever tasted the delicacies of Peru?
What's something you do for your friends you would never do otherwise?

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