Humans of New York

A friend let me read her HONY book during the NFC Championship game. Go SEAHAWKS!
She knows me well.
Loved this book, the pictures and the 'shnerblets' - that's what we decided the official name was for the 'short blurbettes'
Some of the shnerblets were exactly what you thought they would be and others were mind-boggling and heart wrenching while others were heart expanding and unexpected - just like humans themselves.
This book made me smile big, because, I love humans, their stories and New York.
I'd love to do something exactly like this, if I knew how to take pictures, though I do ask random people random questions giving me a little glimpse into this awesomeness and awkwardness called mankind. 

Would you live in New York?
Would you let a random stranger take your picture?
If a random stranger asked you what your saddest/most glorious life experience was - would you tell them?

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