People Read This?!

We've been Christmas partying it up and the holiday cheer has been spread.
As we've been out and about random people have mentioned resturants they've been to and books they've read just because they read about it on this blog -
I'm honored. 
Thank you.
Please keep reading...even if I don't write on a consistent basis.
I'm thinking I should come up with a resolution in regards to blogging...I should probably put some thought into while I'm thinking here are a few random things we've been up to.

*Gig Harbor Indoor Farmer's Market a cozy, warm place to wander on a Saturday morning. 
*Peninsula Orthodpedic Thrift Shop on Kimball Drive - sweet, precious, little old ladies (of which I will be one day) sell you treasurable trinkets with a smile
*J5 Coffee and the Danish Bakery in Leavenworth 
*Badger Mountain Hike in the Tri-Cities
*Trader Joe's Salted Carmel Chai Tea - scrumptious, sweet and so easy to drink 

And now for a barrage of random photos that bring a smile to my face

Got resolutions?

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