It's award season in Hollywood and I've been reading a lot of stellar screenplays lately.
I haven't seen many of the latest movies, but I've read the stories. 
They've made me tear up,  nervous and scared to scroll down the page.
They've made me angry and my heart squishy.
They've made me smile big and want to go hug someone.
Stories can be incredible.

So off I go to write, to create tension, dark characters, joy giving characters and poignant, opinion-changing dialogue or perhaps dialogue that will make a child giggle with delight. 
I have so many stories to tell...
Some day I might win a prestigious writing award (a girl's gotta have a dream), but to do so I have to keep writing.

Don't take the dream away!  
I believe in hoping!
And in my writing skills!
And in dreaming big!

All we can do is hope, dream and do.
We all have talents, abilities, family systems, complicated narrative histories, but they do not define our dreams. 

Whatever your dream may be - Go do your dream.

Do you still have dreams?
What movie would you pick for Best Picture?

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