Top of Tacoma

Went on a hot date with my husband

We stayed at a hotel in our home town - sweetness - except the dang welcoming carpet was crooked and I tripped on it three times. Service was fine, but nothing to blog about. Be ready to pay for parking and what - no contential breakfast?!
Not to long ago I ventured to NOLA and the hospitality and contential breakfast were out of this world, plus they gave me a free newspaper so you know I'm a fan. 
Need to manage my exceptions...maybe it's not fair comparing a gritty city hotel to the Big Easy...

Gotta love the gray
East side goodness
Bar Nachos and a dang good Cuban

We walked up every flight of stairs to admire the art.
This was my fav.
I'm not going to show you my husband's favorite.
For all the bad rap Tacoma gets it wasn't worrisome running - it was well lit and didn't 'run' across anything shady. Thanks for having enough beds Tacoma for those that don't have one of their own.Woke up early and went running - it was fun to see the city in the wee hours of the morn. 
Been to the Top of Tacoma?
Or the top of your city?

Should I be concerned?
Does anyone else think this is weird wording?

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