Discovery Girls

Discovery Girls
Easy to read together and great to let your daughter read by herself
I have a ten year old daughter.
I want her to be empowered, confident, and informed about her body, especially as it changes.
I also want her to be able to handle her emotions, though I don't think all the reading in the world can prepare her for that until all those roaring emotions hit her smack dab in the ovaries...
At least she'll know she's normal and not alone in world of women...
Which is what I appreciated about this book - there were conversation bubbles with quotes from girls all over the puberty spectrum (yes, I just wrote that) - making it easy for every girl to relate to this book, their bodies and to feel normal - which is what I want for my beautiful daughter who in my eyes is anything but normal!

I received this book free of charge. Thank you Discovery Girls
My opinions are my very own (and Karis's).
How are you teaching your child everything they need to know about their changing body?
Who did you learn from?

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