In NOLA at the Besthoff Sculpture Garden
I'm ready for it.
Just kidding, you're never really ready for it, but I'm mentally prepared.
Okay just kidding again.
How do you prepare yourself for email after email in your inbox saying - no.
Well, actually they say "No, thank you."

I've been sending query letters off to literary agents for the 60,000 words that make "If It Comes to That".

I have poured over and had others pour over my succinct little query and AWESOME story.
It will end up at the bottom of slush piles, answered with an auto-response or simply deleted.

Ah, but there is hope.
So every time I open my email there will be jittery eagerness, Is this it?!, followed by a rush of inflated hope,This is it., mixed with a good measure of dread, Not it.

Each email reveal will be followed by an emotion depending on how many rejections I receive in an hour, my kids behavior, what my husband cooked for dinner, if I went for a run, how many sweets I've had, the weather, the last book I read...

Okay, let's be honest here, you're never fully prepared for rejection.
So don't fear it, embrace it.  

Embracing can look like the following:
Indifference - "Meh." 
Avoidance - not opening any emails
Anger - "Who does this agent think they are?"
Self-righteous - "I didn't like the agent anyway."
Self-reflection - "I have work to do."
Sadness - "Honey, I need a hug."
Businesslike - "On to the next thing."
Antsy - "Have to write now."
Super antsy - "Let's book a trip."
Hope - "I have potential!"

I should have mentioned that embracing rejection is just plain awkward and sometimes not very pleasant (remember hugging your grandma's second cousin at the reunion or your ex-boyfriends mom at the store?)

Yes, it is quite the emotional roller coaster, but I will continue writing, which means I will continue being rejected.
Shoot, that makes me a reject.
Please embrace me.

How do you deal with rejection?

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