Between Shades of Gray

Please, please, please do not mistake this for the other "grey" books.

My heart is breaking right now mostly because of what may happen between Russia and Ukraine.  

I pray and wonder what I can do to prevent war....
Write a poem? 
That will hardly be a help, but sometimes when I read or come across something that gets me fired up or breaks my heart writing a poem helps me sort my thoughts. They are now sorted...for the time being.'s a rough draft.

My mind cannot comprehend the amount of hate it takes to begin.
War I hate you and the marks you leave
The destruction, the way you deceive
War you are good for nothing except to line the pockets
of life thieves.

Love my neighbor and my enemy too
Give them bread and how about some shoes.
Tom does that, maybe I can too.
I have to do something to stop this insanity
I don't want another war victim to lose her panties.
It's an ugly mind game this tug of war.
"I want it - no, I want it - I deserve more"
Give people dignity and a hug.
Why do so many countries act so smug?
All men are brothers, so the saying goes
so why is it everyone has to pose
for power, for might, looking for a fight?
I think I'll list all the fluffy words people don't like
because there is a warring in my breast
for love, compassion, and forgiveness.
The wars of this world are breaking my heart
Please, oh please do not start 
another one.

Read this book.

What's the first word that comes to mind when I write "war"?

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