Paddlers and Poets

Paddler's Cup

We took a poll - Nugget would choose a SUP, Squirrel a two-person kayak so she'd have someone to talk to, Cuteboy an Outrigger Canoe cause they are ba, I'd have to go kayak too because then I'd be less likely to fall into the cold, gray water.

Poetry Reading
Well, it's kind of awkward to try and take a picture of someone reading poetry in a small, intimate setting especially when you know no one. 
It was inspiring - some poetry was excellent and others not so excellent.
If I was so inclined I would write a poem about paddling, but I'm tired just thinking about it.

Poetry or Paddling?
What do you prefer?

Anderson Point Park

I've been doing something new for quite awhile now and thought I had run out of parks. Anderson Point was only 30 minutes away! My son ...