Why this?

A friend asked a few poignant questions about this blog -
How do I chose to post what I do?  (now that I'm not writing about every day)
Why some and not others?
Why not expound on how what I did affects me?
Who are you writing for?

Uhh...great questions.
I don't really know...because sometimes...
*We've done some really fun things and I didn't take pictures 
*We've done so many new things in one day I don't know where to start
*We've done boring things - how many new flavors can coffee or dessert come in?
*I'm not in the mood to rehash
*I'm just lazy, I mean hey, I did something new and I marked it down in my old school daytimer (thanks Franklin-Covey for still making inserts) you know just in case one day someone wants documentation and verification...

Who is this blog for? 
*Family who lives at the same address for posterity's sake 
*For my family here, there and everywhere so they know what the heck I'm up to since I don't have a facebook page
*For people wondering what to do in the PNW
*The Industry so if they google me they'll think I'm cool and will skip over my slow race times
*Book agents - see above.
*Me - Because I'm a writer and I want to inspire and be inspired
*For my children's future in-laws so they think we're normal...

Well, I think that about doesn't answer it....

Now on that note - here's some random pics from our Pascua weekend - where I did something new everyday but I'm not in the mood to write about them.....

Handsome dude
Cute girl and Grams
I think the radioactivity in the Tri-Cities makes bunnies grow bigger and scarier.
If you're a blogger how do you decide to post what you do?
Why do you read this?

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