Camp Nou

Due to scheduling changes we missed the fabled FC Barcelona versus Atletico Madrid game. Okay, it wasn't just scheduling changes...we couldn't shell out what the tickets were going for...$800!! We visited Camp Nou the day after Barcelona lost. There was a solemn, reverent quiet around the stadium...but in the store, soccer paraphernalia was selling like...gelato on a hot day. We're huge fans, so I guess this means we have to visit Barcelona again. 
More than a club 
There's even cool art at the soccer field!
Closed Sundays except Sundays with soccer!
Anchovies...fresh and delicious. So easy to eat.
Mouth watering paella served by the most cordial staff.
It was a marvelous trip and I recommend everything we did! Well, besides missing the game.
What's your favorite futbol club?

Artisan Market

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