Billy Collins

I've been trying my hand at poetry, but really when it comes to poetry you're trying your heart.
I've been reading a lot of poems from poet laureates. I love Natasha Trethewey, so much so, the characters in one of my screenplays reference how amazing she is.
Most recently I picked up Aimless Love:New and Selected Poems from Billy Collins, hailed as "America's favorite poet". While a fan, my heart belongs to Maya, Natasha and Eminem.
I admittedly skimmed a few, many are poignant and others are sticking with me, like
If This Were a Job I'd Be Fired, Divorce, and Quandary.
If you are usually befuddled by poetry the majority of his poems are easy to grasp, bring a quick smile and a knowing nod.

Ever find yourself in a quandary?
Ever wish you would have written what someone else wrote?

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