I don't really have a family tree, I have a family kudzu. 
My family is complicated and tangly.
It's huge and all over the place.
Every single loud aunt, sperm-donor cousin, and loopy uncle I'm proud to call my own....most of the time. Sometimes I laugh at their antics, other times I roll my eyes and snicker, sometimes my heart breaks and the worst is when I feel apathetic.
After visiting family earlier this year I knew I had to have two of my half sisters visit. No more apathy. Do something. Love well.
So, after a story to long to tell here, they were able to visit!
And though I had done the majority of activities already it was fascinating to do them with people that had no idea what they were getting themselves into.
We had a blast.
Let's revisit summer.
Family and Texans in the snow
Tucked away on 2nd Ave and free - go search for gold at the
Klondike Gold Rush National Park
The quintessential Harbor photo op
A just because pic
Don't forget to stop for treats on the way to Mt. Rainier
Nachos at the Renaissance Cafe hit the spot
The quintessential Tacoma photo op
First time at Kinza and eating Asian food
- they loved it - because gyoza is kinda like an empanada -
There were many adventures and new things - Seattle, fruits, people, cabins, foods. There were conversations about family. Good conversations, hard conversations and who knows, maybe some life-changing conversations.
Here's to family, sisters, summer and next summer.

Do you look like your sisters?

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