My friend Anya is  launching a campaign on kindle scout in an effort to secure a contract with Amazon Publishing. Please follow the link below and nominate her book at the kindle scout site.
Nominations take ONE click, and you can check out an excerpt from her novel while you are there. If her novel is chosen for a contract, you will receive a free e-book of FLICKER from Amazon!

Her light changes everything.
Lucy longs for freedom, far from the Hazmat-suit-latex-gloved existence she knows. When supplies cease to exist, Lucy and her Mom leave on a mission to find The Light. The Light is led by the Nobleman; born their prophet, he’s always carried that weight alone, until he discovers Lucy’s secret ability to hold light in her hand. Lucy's connection with the Nobleman bares The Light's dark motives, forcing her to decide between love and freedom.

Thanks for supporting my friend!

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