I'm cherishing all the newness my job grants me. 
Everyday continues to hold something new, but instead of blogging about it I'm being intentional about being with and adventuring with my peeps, so therefore less blogness.
Here's some glimpses of Spring in no particular order because I'm tired and busy, yet I still want to encourage you to get out and do, see, taste and experience. 
It was a low snow year at Vail - so we had the Village to ourselves
Titlow has more trails than I realized and Brenna is way cool (and silly!) 
I might go back for dessert...maybe.
Off the beaten path in Colorado...Buffalo Bill's Resting Place
Hanging Lake = beautiful
My expectations weren't met at Smashburger...
So many formidable buildings in DC
 - this is the Department of Justice -
I wonder if any Marvel characters hang out here...
Is this a good guy or a bad guy?
The Department of Justice would know.
Everyone should go to a middle school track meet -
to reminisce, cheer on and encourage these awkwardly built, awesome, growing athletes.
Tasty rolls of goodness.
Had a layover in Orlando and this is the picture I took?!
Vista Nails did a great job and I appreciated that they made it clear all of their workers were documented and received a fair wage.
My friend did an awesome job!
Read this book.
So proud.
Went to the Norweigen Fest at PLU
- first time for Rommegrot aka - sour cream soup -
San Jose is full of fun art
San Jose is also full of fun food.
Make sure to stop by the San Pedro Market
So many choices, so much goodness
Supporting friends by buying plants at Watson's
Fort McHenry - the inspiration for the Star Spangled Banner
I am in total support of the Shake Shack.
Camden Yards  - home of the Great Bambino
Penn Station...in Newark

What city should I take a tour on a segway?

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