The Last Star

I've come to the conclusion that I read too much.
Just kidding, I like being an informed citizen in the real world and losing myself in fictional ones. I just wish reality didn't mirror or inform the horrors of some fiction.
Upon completing The Last Star, I read this article in The Wall Street Journal.
It was too close to the fictional premise - because instead of aliens teaching our children how to kill one another it is Boko Harem - teaching children how to teach children to become killers. This is happening right now - today.

May we stop the madness before The 5th Wave or The Last Star heads our way, otherwise aliens will be the least of our concern. Though I'm with Yancey, hopeful us horrible humans can be redeemed...slowly, but surely.

"But the most wonderful thing of all, our highest achievement and the one thing for which I pray we will always be remember is stuffing wads of polyester into an anatomically incorrect, cartoonish ideal of one of nature's most fearsome predators for no other reason than to soothe a child."

How do we take care of these children once they find their way out or are rescued? 
How do we stop this from happening in the first place?
When was the last time you snuggled a teddy bear?

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