2021 - It's My Birthday!

For my birthday and this year - I want to do New Things again! Every day! 
First day - super success!!

My credit card wouldn't work, they paid it forward.
I felt cared for and the Oat Milk Vanilla Latte was superb.

Crescent Beach driftwood

Grey Peace

After surfing and beachcombing Frugals hit the spot!

Tacoma Light Trail put on a fun scavenger hunt.
We found some, but not all.

We stumbled onto Zen Ramen Sushi Burrito during our Light excursion.
My family's glad I made them look at lights!

The food was absolutely delicious!
Never judge a restaurant by its name.

If you had a restaurant, what would you name it?
If you started/restarted a blog, what would you name it?

Anderson Point Park

I've been doing something new for quite awhile now and thought I had run out of parks. Anderson Point was only 30 minutes away! My son ...