Had a date with my son at Costco today. He is a 14 year old joy!
I was shopping specifically for something new and turns out, I've had a great majority of the products at Costco (I don't know if this is good or bad!).
I've always liked plantains and I haven't had them in awhile, so I thought I would give these Barnana Plantain Chips a try. 
I was pleasantly surprised!
Some dried plantains are so hard and dense you're afraid you'll lose a tooth. I'm thinking the "ridge cut" helps eliminate this problem, because they were easy to crunch. 
They also aren't sickly sweet (here's looking at you Costa Rica) or too salty. As the bears would say, "They were just right."
They are also touted as paleo, terrific, but I have to admit I was craving chocolate, (are you surprised?), so after eating a handful, I had another handful with Nutella on them....there are plenty of chocolate covered plantain options so I didn't feel bad about this move and sometimes instead of peanut butter on a banana, I put Nutella, so it just felt like a good match....

Do you prefer Bananas or Plantains?
Have you noticed how many 'selling' words are on this package?
Do you think Coconut Oil or Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is the bigger selling point?!

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