Broadway on Demand

My daughter's senior year has been unconventional to say the least and she's had a lot of down time, so I made her audition for the "One Act Plays" at her high school. She wasn't thrilled with me, but did it anyway. (The shopping spree bribe didn't hurt either.) She ended up getting parts in two of the three plays. 
I applaud the directors and the drama teacher for their creativity in producing plays six feet apart with masks on! They did a terrific job and she had a great experience.
To watch the show I had to set up everything on the television through the PS4, because, well, teenage son. I was super proud of myself as I'm not really a television person and had never touched the PS4 controller before, yet I made it all work. (He's proud of me too!)
Broadway on Demand made it possible to see the show and easy to share it with loved ones all over.  I'm super thankful for the ease of streaming, but I can't wait for in-person theatre.

What was the last live show you went to?
If you could only see one play on Broadway what would it be?

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