Everyone kept talking about the fun atmosphere and great Mexican food at Cactus, so we went. 
Mexican food = Spanish, right....well...I really had to go to the bathroom and when I saw the "M" I headed that direction, as I pushed on the door I glanced over and saw "W" on the other door...

Right...oops...I was thinking the "M" stood for mujeres, which is woman in Spanish. I'm glad I glanced over at the other door. 
As for my thoughts:
It was a chilly evening and we were prepared to eat outside, which we did, but I wished we had waited longer for an inside table because we were still chilled, our food cooled down quickly and the lighting wasn't great for my already dismal attempt at food pictures. We found the atmosphere super fun (we ran into two groups of friends) and the decor inspiring, but the food was just so-so and maybe that's because we eat a lot of Mexican food or we ordered the wrong thing.

Guacamole - Austin style

Butternut Enchilada

Lenera Burrito 

When is a time your misread the signs?
Where is a place you misordered?

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