Safety Harbor Florida

Professionally, I am a flight attendant, so there will be posts of random cities across the United States, which I find ever so fun! 

I flew to the blustery and quaint town of Safety Harbor, Florida, near Tampa. It touts itself for it's healing water, as this is where DeSoto "found" the Fountain of Youth. I saw a handful people still searching for that "fountain" ;)
I always ask my fellow flight crew for their recommendations and they hardly steer me wrong. Sometimes I'll ask the front desk of the hotel, but they usually recommend chains, which I do not find helpful. I lean towards dessert, books and the outdoors, so that's what I google first when I land in a new city.

A flight crew recommendation - Bassano's Cheesecake. 
I had the Key Lime - it was smooth, creamy and delicious. 

This is what a lot of the surrounding houses
looked like too - super cute!
Free little library.

Some might say...very Floridian with it's "gold" and pillars.

I still need to work on my food photos.
This "Local Only" Bowl from
Screaming Jalapeno
sustained me for the 6.5 hour flight home. 

 What's the first place you check out in a new city?

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